Nov 8-10 2019
The Peddler Show

The Peddler Show makes its final stop of the year at the South Texas Gulf Coast November 8th-10th for a Fabulous Holiday Market. Come shop from a huge selection of talented designers, artisans, creators and craftsmen from all over the country! Start preparing your home for Thanksgiving festivities with handmade home décor, and shop for the latest in fall fashions! Start knocking gifts off your holiday shopping list. With customization and personalization onsite, you can find anything and everything you need! Join us at The Perfect Street of Shops… It’s The Peddler Show in Robstown!

Admission good all three days (with hand-stamp). Children under 12 are FREE.


$10 Sneak Peek
Fri: 11am-12pm 

Fri: 11am-6pm 
Sat: 9am-6pm 
Sun: 11am-4pm


$7 at the Door
$5 Advance Tickets

Children Under 12 are Free!

Paid Admission Good 


Save 30% and get your ADVANCE TICKET online!

The Peddler Show

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