Mar 2-3 2019
Gulf Coast Gem & Mineral Show
  • March 2, 2019 @ 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • March 3, 2019 @ 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Adults $6.00 for a 2-day pass
Children 12 and under are free if accompanied by an adult
Scouts in uniform have free admission

Gulf Coast Gem & Mineral Show will be held in Exhibit Hall A at the Richard M. Borchard Regional Fairgrounds

See below for parking instructions and where the event will be held.


What to do, see, and visit:

Planning for the 2018 show is underway. Most of the specifics listed on this page are related to the 2017 show.

Over 20 case exhibits will be set up featuring every aspect of the hobby. Some are special exhibits that tour various gem and mineral shows. Many dealers also show their prized specimens in case of exhibits as do individual club members. The case exhibits are a show in themselves.

DEALERS 25 + – Beads, rock, gemstones, mineral specimens, fossils, lapidary and jewelry related items.

  • Unique jewelry and other Minerals and fossils for the collector or home decor.
  • Find excellent deals on minerals, fossils, and hand-made cabs and jewelry. Numerous earthly treasures–perfect for gift giving.

Rocks are the masses of material that make up the earth’s crust. Samples of the three major groups of rocks, igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic are grouped on this table according to origin. This touch and learn table, sponsored by Casa de Oro Jewelers, enables kids and adults alike to pick up a rock, read a description, and learn more about our earth. Fossil specimens and descriptions are also on display along with a geologic time chart. There will be samples of our official (designated in 1969) Texas state stone, Petrified Palmwood, and the Texas state stone, Topaz.

Watch experts work on lapidary and rock-related arts. See how a piece of rock becomes a piece of jewelry or a sculpture. Learn how rock specimens are identified.

The auction normally runs on 1-hour intervals and gives the opportunity to bid on numerous gem and mineral specimens, slabs, and even miscellaneous pieces of used equipment.


  • Handouts with basic geological questions are given to the kids when they enter. They can complete these questions by visiting the Touch Table, the many vendors, and other educational displays. When their questionnaire is complete, it can be taken to the “Kid’s Wheel” for a free rock or mineral specimen.
  • Kids also can pay $.50 to spin the wheel and receive a rock or mineral specimen that coincides with the number pointed out by the wheel. A flouresent rock display is available for viewing for the young and old.

Valuable door prizes are given away throughout the show.
There is a special grand prize that is awarded by drawing at the end of the show from tickets of all who attended the show. You need not to be present to win.
Buy a chance to win a mineral or fossil specimen to be offered by the GCGMS.

Primary society funding is derived from this gem and mineral show that has been conducted annually since 1964. The society is a section 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization founded in 1953. The purpose is to promote popular interest and education in the various earth sciences, in particular, those dealing with the art of lapidaries and the science of minerals, fossils, and their associated fields. This is managed through internal programs as well as scholarships. The society also established the Owen Hopkins Memorial Kid’s Rock Camp. The camp continues Owens’s longtime passion to educate our youth and stimulate their interest in minerals and fossils. Membership in the society is open to individuals of all ages. Gulf Coast Gem & Mineral is affiliated with the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies and the South Central Federation of Mineral Societies.

Gulf Coast Gem and Mineral Society cordially invite the public to join in for this annual fundraiser and to learn more about the geological sciences and the lapidary arts.



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