Policies and Procedures

Our professional staff’s commitment to service at the Richard M. Borchard Regional Fairgrounds is to provide our clients, exhibitors, and guests with exceptional experience. The information provided in the Policies and Procedures Guide has been designed to assist you in advance so you can make the best possible use of our facility and our services while you are here. This guide serves as a resource to assist you in planning your event and in communicating with our staff.

Please click the link below to download our Policies and Procedures Guide

Air Conditioning and/or Heating

As full-time practitioners of energy conservation--and to keep our fees as low as possible-- we provide air conditioning and/or heating during show hours only. Air conditioning and/or heating is not provided on move-in or move-out days. Additional charges will be assessed for air conditioning and/or heating requested during non-show periods.


Alcoholic beverages must be purchased through our exclusive in-house caterer. Additional security may be required for events where alcohol is served.

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

As a facility of public assembly, the Richard M. Borchard Regional Fairgrounds is sensitive to those with special needs, and complies in all respects with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and regulations issued there under. We also require our Event Organizer to comply with all provisions of the ADA.


For the safety and comfort of all our visitors, animals are not permitted in the Richard M. Borchard Regional Fairgrounds except in conjunction with an exhibit, display or performance approved by the Regional Fairgrounds.  The Event Organizer is responsible for obtaining all appropriate permits. Guide, signal or service dogs (as defined by Law) are allowed in the Regional Fairgrounds. All sanitary needs for animals are the responsibility of the Event Organizer.

Audio System

The Regional Fairgrounds staff is responsible for the house audio system and they must supervise any connection made to this system. If an outside vendor needs additional hook-up to the house sound, there will be a $ 50   per connection fee assessed, plus labor to monitor house sound system.


Banners, signs, pictures, notices or advertisements may only be placed in locations, and by methods, approved in advance by the Regional Fairgrounds Management.


For your convenience and clarification, an Event Settlement Sheet summarizing rent, additional charges and any credits is prepared after each event. Final payment is due upon receipt of invoice.  (See our Director of Finance for past due accounts.)

Here's what is included in rental price:
• General room lighting, heat and air conditioning on show days
• One standard meeting room set-up per day, including theater, classroom, or banquet style
• Cleaning of public areas (lobbies, restrooms, parking lots, etc.)
• Equipment provided will be limited to inventory on hand and availability.

Here's what is not:
• Electrical service
• Telecommunications service
• Audio-visual equipment and dedicated labor
• Compressed air, natural gas, water and drainage service
• Janitorial and Cleaning Services
• Trash haul fees
• Insurance
• Security or police officer services
• First Aid Attendant
• Damages to the Center and equipment
• Additional equipment rental
• Key and lock services
• Water service for attendees
• Table Linens
• Coat check services

Booth Cleaning

The Regional Fairgrounds is happy to provide booth cleaning for a fee at a square foot rate. This service includes trash pick-up and vacuuming the carpet.

Bulk Trash

We ask you, the Event Organizer, to take responsibility for removal of bulk trash, crates, lumber, pallets, packing materials, oil and tape prior to show opening and following move-out, or we'll be happy to do it for you. The goal is to keep your show as pristine and clean as it deserves to be. Any removal of these items by Regional Fairgrounds personnel will be charged at the prevailing rate.


Public Safety is at the top of our priority list. That's why all meeting rooms and exhibit halls have a maximum occupancy, which may not be exceeded. The Regional Fairgrounds reserves the right to deny further entry into these spaces in order to protect public safety.

Cleaning and Maintenance/Refuse Removal

The Regional Fairgrounds provides janitorial services during the course of the event in corridors, lobbies, concession areas and rest rooms. The Regional Fairgrounds provides refuse removal during show hours and immediately after daily show closing in exhibit hall aisles. For your safety and security, Regional Fairgrounds personnel do not clean and are not permitted to enter exhibit booths or show management areas such as registration without agreement.

Contractor's Service Equipment and Motorized Vehicles

For the safety of our exhibitors and employees, all carts, forklifts, bicycles, etc. are restricted to the Central Pavilion and Exhibit Hall’s A & B use. No liquid fuel powered vehicles should be operated outside the exhibit halls and arena due to noise, air pollution and fire hazard. Forklifts are not allowed in the pre-function or meeting rooms. Only rubber wheel non-motorized freight carts are allowed in these areas.

Crate Storage/Booth Storage

All cartons, crates, containers, and packing materials that are necessary for re-packing shall be removed from the show floor. The Regional Fairgrounds inspects all exhibits to ensure compliance. Crates, packing materials, wooden boxes and other highly combustible materials may not be stored in the Regional Fairgrounds. Items such as brochures, literature, giveaways, etc., within the booths are limited to a one-day supply.


The Event Organizer is responsible for all damages, except normal wear and tear. For accuracy in billing, Regional Fairgrounds representatives and show management should inspect all leased space prior to move-in and during move-out to determine existing conditions. You will be informed of all damages, which occur, after your event with written reports and photographs as soon as they are documented. A final walk-through will take place at the conclusion of your event.


The method and location of special installations must be approved in advance by the Regional Fairgrounds Management. Final approval will be determined after consideration of other building tenants occupying the space at the same time. It's just our way of making sure everybody has a successful, safe and cost-effective event.

Decoration guidelines include the following:

  • No one may tape, nail, tack or otherwise fasten to ceilings, painted surfaces, columns, walls or windows decorations of any kind.
  • Decorations may not block doors, fire extinguishers, sprinklers, emergency equipment signage, emergency exits or lighting systems.
  • Permanent installations in common spaces, such as telephone banks, information kiosks, and ATM machines may not be blocked.
  • All decorating materials must be constructed of flameproof material or treated with an approved fire retardant solution. Spot testing may be performed by the Robstown Fire Marshal.
  • No one may use adhesive-backed decals or stickers nor may they be distributed anywhere on the premises.
  • Glitter and confetti may not be used in carpeted areas of the building.
  • Only Regional Fairgrounds personnel may move planters, lobby furniture, and other Regional Fairgrounds equipment in the public areas.
  • Distribution of helium balloons in the Regional Fairgrounds is not allowed. If helium balloons become detached from a display, the labor cost to retrieve the balloons will be charged to the Event Organizer (which helps hold down labor costs for everybody). For safety reasons, compressed gas cylinders used to inflate balloons must be properly secured to prevent toppling and removed from the hall before the guests enter.
  • All pools, decorative fountains, etc. must be waterproofed and may be tested by Regional Fairgrounds Engineering prior to installation.
  • Show management will be responsible for removal and clean up of any dirt, bark, mulch or similar materials used for decorating purposes.
First Aid

The Regional Fairgrounds recognizes that the safety, health and well being of events center guests are our top priority. To deal effectively with emergency situations and protect public safety, First Aid services may be required. The Regional Fairgrounds reserves the right to provide all necessary First Aid personnel. First Aid will be billed on your final settlement at prevailing rates.

Equipment Inventory

For your convenience, Regional Fairgrounds equipment such as tables, chairs, staging, etc. is available on a first-call basis as available in current inventory.

Rates and conditions are subject to change

Event Estimates & Sheets

For your clarification, our Event Manager will provide an Estimate and Detailed Event Sheet prior to your event. You may be asked to sign the Estimate and Event Sheet, and agree to the charges prior to your event.

Event Floor Plan Approval Process:

We truly believe in providing the highest quality of customer service. That's why we have organized a system that makes it as easy as possible (not to mention as efficient and accurate as possible) for you to obtain approval of your floor plan.

  1. One (1) copy of the proposed event floor plan must be submitted to the Regional Fairgrounds Event Management Department for review and approval at least 45 days prior to the first show day. The plans should be no smaller than 8 " x 11". The Regional Fairgrounds staff will work with you to develop your finalized floor plan.
  2. After Regional Fairgrounds Management review and approval, the Event Management Department will forward plans to the Fire Marshal for review and approval.
  3. After Fire Marshal review and approval, the Event Manager will return a stamped and approved set of plans to show management and to the official service contractor. The review process generally takes between three and four weeks.
  4. Floor plans must have an official signed and stamped Approval from both Regional Fairgrounds Management and the Fire Marshal, and should not be published without this stamped Approval.
  5. The Fire Marshal approval of a floor plan is conditional. The final approval is given after an on-site inspection by field inspectors.
  6. The Fire Marshal will not accept floor plans for events at the Regional Fairgrounds that are directly submitted by show management. The Fire Marshal will only accept floor plans that have been approved by Regional Fairgrounds Management. The Fire Marshal will not meet with show management or service contractor representatives unless Regional Fairgrounds representatives arrange the conference.
  7. If the final floor plan is different from the initially approved floor plan, it must be re-submitted, processed and approved before the first day of move-in.
  8. All floor plans should clearly show the following:
  • Name and date of the event
  • Name of the area in use (e.g., Hall A)
  • Official service contractor
  • Date of initial drawing and all revisions
  • Labeled location of all exits
  • Dimensions of all aisle widths
  • Lobby and other public access layouts
  • All contractor storage areas that will be maintained as on-site storage during exhibition hours.
Event Manager

For your convenience and to assure the highest quality of service, we will assign an Event Manager to coordinate your event. Your Event Manager will provide the most professional, efficient and courteous service you have ever experienced.

Your Event Manager will:

  • Contact you following execution of your license agreement.
  • Be your primary Regional Fairground liaison before, during and after your event.
  • Be responsible for gathering all event information and disseminating that information to all Regional Fairgrounds departments.
  • Generate an Estimate and Event Resume for your review and approval no later than 4 weeks prior to your event.
Event Personnel

The Regional Fairgrounds is committed to providing first-class customer service, maximum safety and effective cost controls. So we insist that show managers, exhibitors, and service contractors be responsible for the conduct of their employees, subcontractors, and subcontractors' employees. Persons not in compliance with Center policy may be removed permanently and barred from reentry to the Regional Fairgrounds.

This includes the following:

  • Some areas of the Fairgrounds are off limits to all personnel except authorized Fairgrounds personnel and are marked as such. Unauthorized personnel found in restricted areas will be reported to the appropriate employer and may be subject to permanent dismissal from the Regional Fairgrounds.
  • Profane language and disorderly conduct are not permitted at any time.
  • The use of alcoholic beverages in the workplace is strictly prohibited. The use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited at all times.
  • Cost of repair to any damages to the Regional Fairgrounds equipment that may be caused by their employees.
  • The Regional Fairgrounds is a smoke free environment; however smoking areas are available outside the buildings.

To maintain security, all event personnel including show and service contractor staff, exhibitor-appointed contract staff, temporary help, exhibitors and other workers affiliated with an event must enter and leave the Regional Fairgrounds through the entrances and exits designated by Regional Fairgrounds management and show management.(Show I.D.)

Event-Related Equipment

As a courtesy to those holding the next event, each licensee is responsible to ensure the removal of any of its property, equipment, signs and props from the building at the end of the licensed period. If not, the Regional Fairgrounds may (and probably will) exercise the option to discard all such items.

Exhibitor List and Kits

To get the most out of our services, an exhibitor list and sample kit should be supplied to your assigned Event Manager Forty-Five (45) days prior to the event. The Regional Fairgrounds service order forms (electrical, water, drain, compressed air, and telecommunications) are available and should be included in the exhibitor kit provided to Exhibitors by Show Management.

Floor Drilling

Floor drilling is prohibited. (Wall and ceiling drilling are also prohibited).

Fog/Smoke Machines

For public safety, fog/smoke machine usage is restricted to water-based chemicals. Approval must be obtained from the Regional Fairgrounds.

Food & Beverage

For public health reasons and quality control, food and beverage services-including breakfasts, lunches and dinners-- are provided by our exclusive in-house catering department. The Regional Fairgrounds can provide banquet service, snacks, luncheons, beverage service and concessions. No outside food/beverage is allowed in the Regional Fairgrounds.

Food Samples

Food and beverage samples must not be greater than 3 oz. and must be manufactured, processed or distributed by the exhibiting firm and must be related to participation in the event.

For public health reasons, restrooms, concession stands and/or facility kitchens may not be used as exhibitor clean-up areas. Costs associated with the disposal of trash, waste, grease, etc. from exhibitor sampling are the responsibility of the Event Organizer. Securing of all necessary licenses, permits, etc. is the responsibility of the exhibitor.

Exhibitors are responsible for complying with all City of Robstown regulations regarding food sampling, storage, equipment, temperature, etc. If they are not in compliance or do not obtain the proper permits, the Health Department can shut down their booth.

Food Shows

The Client is responsible for making arrangements to provide exhibitors with food waste containers. The container should be accessible for the exhibitors to use on a daily basis.
All food waste products should be contained in plastic bags, tied and disposed in the waste container. Food waste will be dumped on a daily basis.

Guest Services

The Regional Fairgrounds provides an added value of highly trained staff to assist the customer with their event. Therefore, Regional Fairgrounds requires the use of its employees to be paid for by the Event Organizer at the prevailing rate for the following categories: Security guards, First Aid, ticket sellers, ticket takers, ushers, and other similar categories of personnel. Determination of the number of personnel and the hours worked by the various categories shall be at the discretion of Regional Fairgrounds Management after consultation with the Event Organizer. Fortunately, we already have trained employees familiar with our facility for emergencies and a high level of quality customer service.

All other persons employed by the Event Organizer or affiliated with any event that takes place in the Regional Fairgrounds shall be the responsibility of the Event Organizer. Event personnel rates are outlined on a separate rate schedule.

Hanging Signs

Fire safety laws demand that all electrical and neon signs must conform to national electrical codes and are required by the Regional Fairgrounds. The Regional Fairgrounds graphic, signs or advertising displays may not be blocked in any manner. During move-out following the event, all wires, hooks, screws and hanging materials used to hang signs must be removed. (See also Banners/Signage)

Hazardous Materials Labeling

For the safety of the public and all employees, OSHA requires that all containers of hazardous materials be labeled with the identity of the hazardous materials contained therein, and appropriate hazard warnings. Exhibitors displaying or using hazardous chemicals must submit material Safety Data Sheets and manifests to the Regional Fairgrounds no less than (45) Days prior to move-in.

Helium Balloons

Distribution of helium balloons at the Regional Fairgrounds is not allowed. If helium balloons become detached from a display, the labor cost to retrieve the balloons will be charged to the Event Organizer (which helps hold down labor costs for everybody). For safety reasons, compressed gas cylinders used to inflate balloons must be properly secured to prevent toppling and must be removed from the hall before the guests enter.


For the protection of the Customer and the facility, the General Manager or his/her designee reserves the right to cancel the event upon failure of Event Organizers to provide such verification within the specified period.

As a courtesy and convenience, the Regional Fairgrounds does offer tenants, users and exhibitors the option of purchasing insurance through the Regional Fairgrounds. For more information about this helpful service, please contact our General Manager.


For public safety reasons, only Class I lasers shall be permitted. Class II or greater are prohibited within the Complex.

Leaving the Facility Clean

We do ask you to do your part to maintain our facility. The building exhibition halls will be delivered to the Customer as specified in the Lease Agreement. The floor will be clean upon move-in. It is the responsibility of the Customer to return the Central Pavilion and Exhibition Halls to its original condition. Or, as part of our customer service, we'll be happy to do it for you, for a fee.


Rent includes lighting in public concourse areas and meeting rooms during move-in, show and move-out. During move-in and move-out, fifty percent (50%) lighting will be provided at no charge in exhibition halls. One hundred percent (100%) lighting will be provided in exhibition halls during show hours beginning (60) sixty minutes prior to show. This energy conservation policy helps control our utility costs which, in turn keep our rent low.

Motorized Vehicle Operation

For the safety of employees and exhibitors, only trained and certified personnel must operate forklifts and material handling devices. Operating vehicles and engines shall not be left unattended.  To help maintain our facility, any vehicles which drip oil or other staining solutions must have drip pans or dry absorption powder under the parked vehicles and engines.

Move In & Move Out

During move-in and move-out, the exhibition hall lighting level is set at 50%. Heating or air conditioning is not provided during move-in or move-out.
Additional lights, heat or air conditioning are available at the prevailing rate. The Regional Fairgrounds reserves the right to maintain sole control of the dock area during dock load in and out. Security staff may be required for everyone's safety at the prevailing rate.

Movable Walls

Movable wall in the banquet halls must be installed and removed by Regional Fairgrounds personnel only.


The Regional Fairgrounds retains all rights and permissions for the sale of merchandise and novelty items sold within the facility and facility premises. Merchandise and novelty products include, but are not limited to T-shirts, programs, pictures, records, tapes and miscellaneous show promotion items. A facility merchandise fee may be applicable. All negotiations to arrange for event sale and compensation procedures are to be directed to the Event Manager.

Package Inspection

For your safety and security, cartons, package or other containers brought in or removed from the Regional Fairgrounds by show personnel, exhibitors or service contractors may be subject to inspection.


The Regional Fairgrounds has 1,500 parking spaces on the complex. Motor home vehicles (RV's) may use the parking area for parking purposes only. Overnight parking on Regional Fairgrounds property is prohibited. Options are available for the rental of the parking lot areas for outside exhibits and/or exhibitor and patron parking.


As a service to our customers, cash, check, Visa, MasterCard are accepted for all payments.

All exhibitors must pay in full at time of orders.

All Event Organizers must pay their rental deposit according to the Regional Fairgrounds Event License Agreement.

The Regional Fairgrounds reserves the right to request payment in advance for estimated additional costs beyond minimum rental.


The rules governing the use of pyrotechnics are very specific. So if you're considering adding pyrotechnics to your event, please spend a few minutes getting fully acquainted with them.

Any contractor that intends to use pyrotechnics in the facility must be a licensed pyrotechnician. A copy of this license shall be provided to the Event Management Department at least one month prior to the event date. The use of pyrotechnics within the licensed area shall be approved by the licensee who shall who shall remain directly responsible to the Regional Fairgrounds for all activities as described in the License Agreement. A complete description of the pyrotechnic activity shall be prepared and submitted to the facility 30 days in advance of the event.  Please see your Event Manager for full Pyrotechnics application and requirements.


For public safety reasons, Regional Fairgrounds management must approve all rigging. The Regional Fairgrounds reserves the right to retain consultants at the Customer's expense to review or verify rigging specifications.

Nothing may be attached to any Regional Fairgrounds electrical or mechanical system. This includes ducts, electrical conduit or raceways, plumbing, acoustical baffles, or sprinkler pipes. Rigging may only be attached to structural members.

All rigging in the Regional Fairgrounds shall be in accordance with all national, state and local safety codes, including, but not limited to, OSHA and BOCA policy.
No rigging is allowed in the Banquet Hall and Meeting Rooms.

Room Changeovers

As one of our services to you, ballrooms, meeting rooms and exhibition halls (used for meetings and/or banquets) shall be arranged in theater, classroom, conference, and banquet or reception style one (1) time. Unplanned changes to the original set may be charged per day rental.

Safety/Fire Code Requirements

Of course, the safety of all occupants of the Regional Fairgrounds is of primary concern. Any unsafe condition or activity should be immediately reported to Regional Fairgrounds Guest Services and supervisory personnel of the responsible party for corrective measures.

Those provisions of the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code 1994 edition and the 2000 International Fire Code for public assembly facilities have been established as a standard for review of occupancies and events in the Richard M. Borchard Regional Fairgrounds. The information contained in this outline is a summary of relevant provisions contained in these Codes as well as standard operating procedures established in cooperation with the Fire Marshal of the City of Robstown Texas. Reference copies of these codes are available in the Event Management Department.

  1. All curtains, drapes and decorations must be constructed of flameproof material, or treated with an approved flame proofing solution. (Treatment shall be renewed as often as may be necessary to maintain the flame proofing effect.)
  2. All exits, hallways and aisles are to be kept clear and unobstructed at all times.
  3. A 20 ft. roadway shall be maintained for fire equipment access to all parts of the building displays.
  4. No part of a stairway, whether interior or exterior, hallway, corridor, vestibule, balcony or bridge leading to a stairway or exit, shall be used to in a manner that will obstruct its use as an exit or that will present a hazardous condition.
  5. Storage of any kind is prohibited behind the back drapes or display walls or inside display areas. All cartons, crates, containers, and packing materials that are necessary for re-packing shall be removed from the show floor. The Regional Fairgrounds inspects all exhibits to ensure compliance.
  6. Crates, packing materials, wooden boxes and other highly combustible materials may not be stored in the Regional Fairgrounds. Items such as brochures, literature, giveaways, etc., within the booths are limited to a one-day supply. Consideration will be given for the storage of crates outside of the facility.
  7. All outside displays that are under cover of the building roof or extension of the roof or porch area shall be governed by the same rules of an inside display.
  8. No exit door shall be locked, bolted or otherwise fastened or obstructed at any time the Regional Fairgrounds is open to the public. Moreover, it shall be unlawful to obstruct, or reduce passageway or other means of egress. Additionally, all required exits shall be so located as to be discernible and accessible with unobstructed access thereto.
  9. All sawdust and shavings shall be thoroughly treated with an approved flame-retardant product, stored and maintained in a manner approved by the Fire Marshal.
  10. Automobiles, trucks, tractors, machinery and other motor vehicles utilizing flammable fuels, which are placed on display inside the Regional Fairgrounds shall have no more than 1/4 tank or five (5) gallons of fuel in the tank; all fuel tanks shall be locked or effectively sealed and at least one battery cable shall be disconnected from the ignition system. Ignition keys for vehicles on display shall be kept by a responsible person at the display location for removal of such vehicles from the building in event of emergency. Carpeting or visqueen must be placed underneath the vehicle for any possible leakage.
  11. The use of liquefied petroleum gases inside building, tents or other areas is strictly prohibited, except for demonstration purposes when approved by the Regional Fairgrounds and the Robstown  Fire Marshal. Maximum LPG allowed for exhibition purposes is a 16-oz non-refillable cylinder. There may be a maximum of 24 containers stored in any one location.
  12. All trash and refuse shall be removed daily from the Regional Fairgrounds.
  13. Provide and maintain approved fire extinguishing equipment in all areas as designated by the Regional Fairgrounds and the Robstown Fire Marshal.
  14. All standpipe and hose cabinets shall be kept clear and unobstructed at all times.
  15. All hydrants and fire department connections shall be unobstructed at all times.
  16. All electrical connections shall be in accordance with the Electrical Code.
  17. All electrical cords, sound cable or other trip hazards shall be safeguarded.
  18. All appliances fired by natural gas shall be approved by the Facility Operations Manager, the Regional Fairgrounds and the Robstown Fire Marshal, and installed in accordance with NFPA 54 National Fuel Gas Code before being used.
  19. The Regional Fairgrounds and the Robstown Fire Marshal must approve the use of welding and cutting equipment for demonstration purposes.
  20. Cylinders of compressed gases are prohibited unless approved by the Fire Marshal and secured according to requirements outlined in the 2000 International Fire Code. The Facility Public Safety Manager along with the Regional Fairgrounds and the Robstown Fire Marshal shall check egress of the facilities before it is occupied for any use. If such inspection reveals that any element of the required means of egress is obstructed, inaccessible, locked, fastened, or otherwise unsuited for immediate use, admittance to the building shall not be permitted until necessary corrective action has been completed.
  21. There shall be no obstruction blocking exit doors from the outside of the Regional Fairgrounds.
  22. No curtains, drapes or decorations shall be hung in such a manner as to cover any exit signs.
  23. No vehicles shall be parked in fire lanes outside the Regional Fairgrounds.
  24. No flammable liquid or material shall be used or admitted inside of the Regional Fairgrounds except by approval of the Regional Fairgrounds and the Robstown Fire Marshal. Prohibited materials include, but are not limited to kerosene, motor fuel, explosives, cryogenic gases, etc.
  25. No person shall cause or permit any open flame, candles, and torches, etc. to be used in any place of assembly, except that candles may be used on tables if securely supported on substantial noncombustible bases so located as to avoid danger of ignition of combustible materials and only if approved by the authority having jurisdiction. The candle flame shall be protected.
  26. All cooking appliances shall be equipped with ventilating hoods and equipment as deemed necessary by the Fire Marshal and installed in accordance with the provisions of the City Building and Fire Codes. Cooking equipment shall be placed on a noncombustible surface, such as metal, hardwood board or glass and be separated from each other by a minimum horizontal distance of 2 ft. Countertop fryers not exceeding 288 square inches and single well may be used without the necessary ventilating hood and surface protection requirement, provided there are two (2) ten (10) pound B.C. extinguishers positioned on each side of said fryer. All cooking appliances shall be listed by a NATIONAL TESTING AGENCY, i.e., Underwriters Laboratory or Factory Mutual.
  27. All cooking equipment shall have regulator(s) at appliance and gas cylinder(s). All supply lines (tubing or hoses) shall be lead-tight and in good repair. Hoses shall be listed for the type of product it supplies.
  28. All aisles in the exhibit hall shall be maintained at a minimum of ten (10) feet clearance.
  29. All covered structures in excess of one hundred (100) square feet in area shall be protected by an automatic smoke detection system approved by the Fire Marshal.
  30. All floor plans submitted shall be totally representative of the halls, rooms, lobby and hallways and/or areas the events are held in, and include such as the location of manual pull stations, fire hose standpipe closet, exits, aisles, etc.
Sales Tax

Customer is required to adhere to all local, state and federal laws regarding sales tax issues.


The Regional Fairgrounds may require minimum levels of security coverage in any leased space and other areas (i.e.: loading docks, box office, parking lots, etc.).
The Regional Fairgounds also requires security during move-in and move-out to monitor traffic flow on the dock and parking areas.

No doors may be obstructed or locked when the area is occupied.

Event security requirements are subject to Regional Fairgrounds approval and must be submitted 30 days prior to your event.

Regional Fairgrounds in-house security reserves final rights to admit access of any personnel to any Regional Fairgrounds space.

For better customer service, Guards check in 30 minutes early for assignment/briefing.

The prevailing rate per hour will be charged, per guard with a 4-hour minimum.

The Regional Fairgrounds is not responsible for any items left in the building after an event has moved out.

Set Up Information

In an effort to manage your event as efficiently as possible, no later than 45 days before the first day of the event, we require the Event Organizer to provide for the Regional Fairgrounds approval, one (1) copy of a full and complete floor plan for the event, and, if requested, furnish a description of all electrical, communications systems, and plumbing work. The Event Organizer shall also provide the Regional Fairgounds with all other information required by Regional Fairgrounds concerning the event such as room or hall set-ups, staging, and food and beverage requirements no later than 30 days before the first day of the event.

Shipments To The Regional Fairgrounds

For the security of your freight, we ask for a timely delivery of your products and equipment to our facility. The Regional Fairgrounds will not accept any deliveries or freight shipments prior to your event move-in. Only your decorator or on-site representative is responsible for receipt of any & all deliveries.

Signs & Posters

We require posters to be mounted on easels and/or individual holders.

Also, no posters, playbills or any other signage can be taped, stapled or affixed to any surface in the building.
All signage must be of a printed nature and meet with the approval of the management. Handwritten signs are prohibited.

And at move-out, all posted signage must be removed by the service contractor and/or Event Organizer. If any materials are left in or on the building, the Event Organizer will be billed at the prevailing labor rates to remove.


As designated under the State of Texas law, the Regional fairgrounds is a non-smoking facility.

Sound Levels

Please use sound thinking when it comes to your sound levels. Maintaining sound levels will make sure that you do not to disturb nor interrupt other events. Regional Fairgrounds Management reserves the right to require sound levels to be lowered.


To help ensure the highest quality of customer service, we require all Regional Fairgrounds employee to wear photo identification badges while servicing events. Show management may refuse access to employees without visible and proper Regional Fairgrounds identification. Properly badged Regional Fairgrounds employees on Regional Fairgrounds business have the right of access, as needed, to all Regional Fairgrounds space at all times. Regional Fairgrounds employees are not obligated to wear additional identification for right of access.

Staples, Tacks & Stickers

Staples & tacks are prohibited and not to be used on any building surface or equipment.

No stickers will be allowed to be distributed.

Tape Removal

It's only natural we want to keep everything looking good. If the Customer contracts for carpet to be laid as a part of the event, it is the responsibility of the carpet contractor to remove all tape from the floors during the final move-out of the event. If this is not done, the Event Organizer will be billed at the prevailing hourly rate for removal of the tape.

If the tape is on a floor that must be stripped and refinished, the charges to return the floor to its original finish also will be billed to the Event Organizer.
Other than approved carpet tape, tape of any type is prohibited in all areas of the building. Tape should not be placed on tables, chairs, walls, etc.

The Event Organizer will be billed for any damages resulting from the removal of taped items (i.e.: repainting walls & doors due to peeled paint, etc.)


Telephones are only available through the Regional Fairgounds, as a service to our clients.

Long distance access is billed after the event.

Telephone order forms for exhibitors are available through the Regional Fairgrounds. See your Event Manager.

Tips & Gratuities

Regional Fairgrounds employees are strictly prohibited from accepting tips or gratuities. But since this truly is a team effort, we encourage customers who may wish to compliment a Regional Fairgrounds staff for excellent performance to make a contribution to the Regional Fairgrounds Employee Activity Fund through our General Manager.

Trash Removal

For events producing excessive trash, a trash removal fee of the current prevailing rate per trash pull will be charged to the Event Organizer.

Vehicles On Display

Automobiles, trucks, tractors, machinery and other motor vehicles utilizing flammable fuels, which are placed on display inside the Regional Fairgrounds shall have no more than 1/4 tank or five (5) gallons of fuel in the tank; all fuel tanks shall be locked or effectively sealed and at least one battery cable shall be disconnected from the ignition system. Ignition keys for vehicles on display shall be kept by a responsible person at the display location for removal of such vehicles from the building in event of emergency. Carpeting or visqueen must be placed underneath the vehicle for any possible leakage.


For safety reasons, installation of all utility services involving electrical, water, water drainage, or Internet / telephone connections must be performed by the Regional Fairgrounds.

All electrical equipment must meet the approval rating of U.L. (Underwriter's Laboratory).

The Regional Fairgrounds electrical equipment, such as extension cords, electrical panels, spotlights and fixtures are not to be removed by exhibitors, show managers, service contractors, or any other unauthorized persons. Violators will be assessed an appropriate charge for any removals.

Under no circumstances shall distribution panels or mechanical equipment be blocked or access impedes.

Water, Waste Disposal, Ware Washing

Good equipment maintenance is just another form of good cost control. That's why no oils, combustibles, or any liquids other than water may be poured in the Regional Fairgrounds drainage or sewer systems. No tools, machines, cookware, or any other items may be emptied, washed, or rinsed in Regional Fairgrounds restrooms.

Fountains, aquariums, cookware, pools, etc., may not be filled from Regional Fairgrounds restrooms or janitors' closets.


For public safety, and to protect our facility, the use of welding equipment and cutting equipment as part of an exhibitor must be specifically approved on an individual basis by the Regional Fairgrounds and the Robstown Fire Marshal before any cutting or welding can be conducted.