Oct 25 2023
State of the Diocese

State Of The Diocese

State of the Diocese on October 25, 2023 will be an evening where we can all come together as parishioners of the Diocese of Corpus Christi and disciples of our Lord. Bishop Michael Mulvey will update us on the state of our Diocese, where we are now and where we want to be. We will celebrate being Catholic together and thank the Lord for the great gifts He gives us every day. It will be an evening of fun for the whole family. We will provide dinner. Bring the kids. All we ask is that you register.

This celebration of faith, family and fellowship is happening again on October 25th from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Richard M. Borchard Fairgrounds in Robstown. State of the Diocese will feature a Catholic Expo before and after dinner, with various Diocesan Offices offering information about their ministries. These include Offices of Vocations, Youth and Young Adult Ministry, Catholic Schools, Assembly of Catholic Professionals, Let’s Color our Community, and Catholic Charities, as well as a new group called La Fazenda.
“This is going to be a great night of fellowship. Last year’s event brought hundreds of us together outside of our parishes to meet, mingle and learn about what we have available to us and what we can do as faithful people of Christ,” says Katia Uriarte Philipello, Director of Communications for the Diocese of Corpus Christi.

Pointing to an empty chair next to him on stage, Bishop Mulvey elaborated on its meaning in last year’s keynote address. “This empty chair is a sign of being uncomfortable,” he said. “Empty chairs are all too familiar in our parishes. There should be someone sitting in the chair. That is why we have a mission. That is why we are all called to evangelize. Sometimes, people are waiting for us to reach out and invite them to fill the empty chairs.”

The evening also included an interactive moment in which everyone participated in a synodal exercise. This involved a few moments of silence and then writing down individual reflections. This was followed by an opportunity to listen to the inspirations and insights of guests who were willing to share.

Isaac Lopez, who is involved with the youth-based Let’s Color Our Community group from Holy Family Parish in Corpus Christi, shared how much he was moved by the sense of unity at this gathering. “For me, the main message is that God loves all of us and is with us always.”

Everyone is invited to attend this year’s State of the Diocese. This event is for the whole family. Tickets are $10.00 per person. $7.00 for children. A meal will be provided. You must register to attend.

We look forward to seeing you there for another great night of fellowship and fun.



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